Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Silence of the Ham

I apologize for not posting lately, but I've had little to say, at least about the work I'm doing at present. At the moment, writing about the creative process seems to be a distraction, even if at other times writing is one of the most useful tools I have for focusing myself. I'm not thinking too far into the future right now. I'm also trying to avoid over-thinking things, for the moment; I'm a bit exhausted by how much I let words attenuate my emotional experience in rehearsal and performance. Fighting my emotions seems to be more tiring than having them, as scary as they are, and believe me, they ARE scary.


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Signore Direttore said...

(Give Me Back My) Name

There's a word for it
And words don't mean a thing
There's a name for it
And names make all the difference in the world
Some things can never be spoken
Some things cannot be pronounced
That word does not exist in any language
It will never be uttered by a human mouth