Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Upside of Down

Mild depression can help me focus on tasks and goals I've been avoiding, if I let it. It can ground me by making me more responsive to reality, readier to admit the real work before me. That is, as long as it's (and here's the operative word) "mild." Otherwise, it's paralyzing.

Sometimes you have to feel the burn.



Cindy said...

Actually, people with mild depression have been scientifically proven to have a better grasp on reality than perpetually perky people.

How's that for cheering you up? :::arched eyebrow and wry smile:::

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan was quoted as saying something like "Who wants to be happy? ANYBODY can do that!" Hell, I've gotten all kinds of mileage out of being miserable for years. It's a matter of putting it to good use, like writing songs for Alice in Chains or learning to play the tuba. Neither of which I've done, but who knows? :-)