Thursday, December 01, 2005

Back to the Future

I am currently preparing a monologue and sonnet for my upcoming month with Shakespeare & Company, and I'm digging deeper into the diction issues that Theresa Koon is helping me to address, but otherwise I'm at present unengaged, at least theatrically. I've been somewhat busier on other fronts, e.g., dating a woman who lives on the east coast--with whom things may or may not grow more serious--and billing a few hours at my new, well-paying and flexible day job. All this is good.

My day job is not a steady check, yet. That'll come in the spring, after I return from Shakespeare & Company. What I like about it is that it takes advantage of my education and talents and pays me reasonably for them, at a time in my life when I thought I'd become unemployable, after many years of an at-best spotty employment history. What I like even more, is that the long-time friend who's giving me this chance knows me profoundly well, respects my strengths, and shows compassion for my weaknesses. She's gentling me into the work in a way no one else would.

What is the job, ask you? Editing and writing technical and promotional copy for print and online publication.... Not earth-shaking stuff.... Not even unambiguously morally good, given my bone-deep aversion to consumer culture and all that abets it.... But, it's not outright evil, and there is something to be said for ridding the world of business speak--most of which is the purest kind of b.s.--and I'm good at it. And, funny enough, I kind of like it. I find that it's not so different than writing academic philosophy, in which I did considerable graduate work. This kind of writing requires getting to the pith by expressing THE most salient points and excising as much distracting clutter as possible, and since the pith can be surprisingly difficult to grasp, I'm getting to use my brain. My brain needs to be used.

I'd rather write theater and film criticism or white papers and marketing copy for liberal politicians, but I'm not ready for that, so I am happy, happy, happy with this, despite my moral qualms. In the future, maybe I'll get a chance to do more interesting and progressive work. In the present, I'll content myself with actually HAVING a future, again.



Cindy said...

Huzzah!! (And other glee expressing exlamatory words) You will excell at this in a big way with your wordsmithing skills. And it's good to know that someone with some ability is doing something toward lessening the jargon in at least one area of communication. (:::insert various digruntled mutterings about jargon in general here:::)

Let me know when you're up for more poetry editing, BTW. The pay is atrocious, but the thank you emails are pretty. :)

Yours amid much sass,

Cindy said...

ACK! ExClamatory! (Sorry.)

kat said...

hello. i stumbled across your blog and really enjoy your writing. good luck to you in your career....