Thursday, December 29, 2005

Here We Go....

Good morning. It's early and cold here, in Melissa's large and under-heated loft in North Adams, MA. She and I are just having our coffee, will soon shower and change, and pack my things up in her little Suburu for the hour drive to Lennox, Massachusetts. There, I check into Shakespeare & Company, and this afternoon, I'll be in my first workshop, scared, excited, expectant, and more or less ready.

Last night, I was petrified. I had a full-on anxiety attack, which was soothed by Melissa's great understanding and loverly mothering (she's a good one, M.) Every time I get a new job, which promises to stretch me, I freak out. This time is no different. I'm in over my head and know it. But, every time I do this, it works out, more or less. So, last night was--let's hope--the most frightening moment of the next month.

Balls. Big, colorful, balloon balls.

I will be keeping you apprised. Until then, merry kwanzachanamas and happy new year.


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Signore Direttore said...


I'm so happy for you and truly excited to be a beneficiary of all that you are to learn over the next few weeks.
Please do bring your best each day and soak it all up.
If you knew all about acting, you wouldn't be there in the first place. And neither would any of your cohort.