Tuesday, January 10, 2006

S&C: Day 12

I thought I was going to love stage combat (I've thrown a few punches and kicks on stage, but very simple--and technically crude--stuff.) But, it brings stuff up, as it turns out. A guy hitting a woman. A woman in desperate rage. Slapping another person, man or woman. Facing a man's violence. All this happens in stage combat. It's uncomfortable to say the least. Slaps, especially. They're intimate and domestic, a way for one person to humiliate--not just hurt--another, whom they 'love.'

Also, I'm physically clumsy at it, and it transpires that I'm slow to pick up the simple moves and choreography both in stage combat and dance, embarrassing me.

We did stage combat in the afternoon. The morning was again given over to voice--progressing through the Linklater training--movement--Alexander technique--and physical awareness. In physical awareness, we did some free form movement in pairs of two. I and and Patricia--a lovely woman in Spaing--closed our eyes, and making sure that at least one part of each our bodies touched the other, we 'danced ourselves' for a while. Lovely. Patricia is very much in her body, bold, sexy, friendly and warm. It was the highlight of the day.

Though, last evening wasn't bad. Tina Packer gave another Master Lecture on "The Structure of the Verse." I knew all but a few small points, but she made more clear and important to me what I had known, and gave me some tools that I hadn't.

A few points I'd been letting slide:

• breathe on the end of every line.
• don't stop long for punctuation in the middle of a line
• pay attention to the words that end each line; the entire speech can be deduced from them

In general, I'm continuing to pay attention to 'letting go,' relaxing into the work, not working SO hard, breathing, and not giving too much force to the voice in my head, which says "YOU SUCK" (I'm gentle with that voice. "Shhhhhh," I say to it. "It's okay. Do your thing. But take it easy, because you're on your own. My dad's already dead so re-enforcement is not coming. Pace yourself. I'll be over there, Being. Thanks.")

Ugh, time to memorize lines.


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Signore Direttore said...

I've been with you each of these days and I have to say I'm so proud to know you and work with you as well as appreciative of your daily blogging. I am equally pleased to see you demonstrate the courage necessary to trudge ever forward at S&C.
Please continue to submit yourself to their processes and leave the questioning and judgment to those better served by it. (Whoever the hell that is.)