Sunday, January 15, 2006

S&C: Day 17

The day was all physical work, including a session with Karen Beaumont in the morning, Sound & Movement in the afternoon, and stage combat & clowning in the evening. No lectures or text rehearsals. No recess.

The best part of the work for me was Karen Beaumont, whose been with Shakespeare & Company since approximately 1985. She spoke of "body intelligences," or even "minds," had by our bodies various systems apart from our brain. Evidently, she and others have worked out an entire theoretical language about such minds, which I actually find easier to swallow than you might think. I don't ascribe too much literalness to the idea of "body minds," but I find easy to believe that my brain and nervous system may attend to my various moving parts from their own, quietly-hidden seats outside my conscious mind.... Blah blah blah, and so forth.

The important thing was: by putting my attention on moving with greater attention to one or more physical systems in favor over others, I could awaken qualities of text (in my scene as Friar Lawrence), not yet discovered. Imagining myself as moving from my internal organs--leading with the gut--I found an undulant, earthy intentionality; in muscles, I found forthrightness and purpose; in bone, intellectual stance and vitality; in breath, ecstasy and spirituality; in liquid, charm and guil. Internal organs. Muscles. Bones. Breath. Liquid. They're places from which to work.

Asides from the session with Beaumont, I had trouble staying present for much of the day, though. I haven't been feeling much desire to communicate, and when I do, it's for brief periods or an hour or two. I feel easily shut down by the, um, rather 'free' emotiveness of some of my fellow participants (e.g., if Kris shrills out in a falsetto near my ear one more time I'm going to fillet his trachea.) The qualities I've been bringing to the room have been introspection and heaviness, which no one minds--by now, we're all used to seeing our fellow actors moving along their own emotional roller coaster--but I don't like withdrawing into myself this much. I want to be 'out there,' more than I have been, the last couple of days.


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