Friday, January 20, 2006

S&C: Day 22

In the morning, Keely led us in a four hour overview of the work we're doing in the last week on the upper resonators. I'm relieved to be getting more out of my chest voice, since all the breath work and attention to 'freeing the natural voice' has made my voice more rumbling--with fewer colors--than usual.

The afternoon and evening were given over primarily to text sessions--i.e., scene rehearsals--which were... challenging. Rob and I struggled to work with one another. In the first session, we were both angry. He was frustrated with having to work in very different spaces, from rehearsal to rehearsal, and with different faculty, and I was frustrated that Rob just wouldn't bloody pretend there was a door where he expected it, and that he needed 'time' to prepare emotionally before each run-through, and that he was over-emoting all over me. I felt sticky with Rob's over acting. I didn't know how to respond to it and ended up under acting. Sigh. Long bloody afternoon.

The evening session went better. David Demke was our coach. He was deft and precise, helping us FINALLY connect to one another, so that we appeared to be in the same scene together, rather than having our own experiences within the same physical--but not emotional--proximity. The most important element was the top of the scene, which has kept eluding me. David helped me finally enter with the right kind of forward energy and intense focus. Why it's been so tough for me to get there, I don't quite know. I certainly can't blame my scene partner for it.... No, really. I can't. Really.

Today is going to be a looooooooooong day.


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