Thursday, January 05, 2006

S&C: Day Seven

Yesterday was a day of rest. I spent the afternoon with Melissa, reminding me that I love this woman, and also that the life plans that each of us have for one another may, in the end, not bring us together.... In part, because my life as an actor starting late in life may not be compatible with a stable, financially well-grounded family life. I'll always be travelling. I'm not likely ever to earn great money. Etcetera, etcetera.

Last night, I did meet up with the other actors who have been assigned scenes from ROMEO AND JULIET. We read to the end of the play. My snarky attitude about my scene partner is already beginning to soften, as I observe him with more compassion, more carefully, and put more energy into examining why I react to him so strongly. There are some interesting possibilities in our work together. For one thing, we have similar vocal qualities, deep, resonant, low tenor-bass, and shaped by intellectual as well as emotional intentionality. Our vibrating off of one another will be intense, especially since he and I--I'm anticipating--share comparable fears about other men, as well as about ourselves AS men. Reading the friar's speech to Romeo--in which he abjures Romeo to be not so "womanish"-- more closely last night, I realized that the faculty had, indeed honed in on some of what I'd said in Basics last week.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the first day of scene work, which we're going into using a process that S&C calls "Dropping In," about which you can get some idea by googling "dropping in" and "Tina Packer."

Anon, anon.


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