Friday, February 03, 2006

Oh, My Shrinking Wattle, Part VII & More

Not wishing to squander my gains from Shakespeare & Company, I've begun to work out how to keep up the practices I began, there. Five days a week, I'm doing my voice work/singing rehearsals, yoga, and/or other exercise. Two days a week--Tuesdays and Thursdays--are going to be all-day affairs--mini 'Intensives'--on which I'll do yoga, pilates, elliptical runner, long vocal warm up, and singing or acting class. Saturday and Sundays, I rest (except for a dance class, probably). This is ambitious, but worth it. It still gives me time to do desk work in the afternoons and some evenings and weekends. I don't plan to keep this up forever. I'm thinking three or four months--through early spring--to continue 'training up,' and getting into my body. Around May or June, I'll ease it back, just as a body builder would. Until then, though, I very much want to continue 're-embodying' myself.

On the "Oh My Shrinking Wattle" front: I'm down to 201 lb.s My absolute bottom goal is 198-195 pounds. I've hired a trainer to work with me a few sessions to help me with these last few pounds--or rather, inches--and tone up what's left. Amazing. Remember, I once weighed 257 lb.s. I went from a 48" waist to a 38" waist. I've shed an entire Mini-Me.

Other fronts: rehearsals begin soon for "In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer" and next week I'm doing the PATA audition, for which my goal is to have as much fun as can be had, which will be the best way of demonstrating to directors who've seen me before that I've grown as an actor. Also, I'm back in Neal A. Corl's acting class, in which I'll be working on "A Doll's House," with a young actress whom I think is terrific.

I'll be posting soon on my complicated reaction to Woody Allen's "Match Point," so stay tuned. I'll also be seeing "The Seagull" and "The Real Inspector Hound" this weekend, which look promising.

Anon, anon.


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Anonymous said...

Nice headshot...if it shows the 'real you' then use it...I thought the other one was too 'serious' or 'brooding'. By the way, if you want to see excellent ensemble work you must go see 'Love of the Nightingale'. One more weekend. I believe Thursday is 'pay what you will.'