Saturday, February 11, 2006

PATA De-Briefing

I did do Friar Lawrence, but played it safe, nonetheless, keeping it small and close. Why?

For one thing, I decided that for a general audition--in which the auditors are film and media people as well as in theater--the most important thing for me to do was show them who I am. This is what I look and sound like. This is how I stand and relate to you. This is how I read: as friendly and authoritative. This is me. Fine.

But, for another thing, I was just scared. I chose to handle my fear by making it my priority to stay connected to myself physically, on breath, and niether rushing nor yelling my way through the lines. I don't know if this was a good choice. Perhaps, I should haver gathered up all stray atoms of nervous energy and pressed them into an intense laser beam of a performance, but, could have I even DONE that, convincingly? Compellingly? In a monologue audition? I dunno.

I would have liked to do more, but, since just being myself in front of people has been a hard-won accomplishment, maybe that was enough, for now.


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iziezi said...

I agree completely. If that's where you've been having the most difficulties, is staying connected to yourself, and you accomplished that at this audition, then you've succeeded! You've taken the first step necessary to get past the fears that are holding you back. Yes, at first your auditions may not produce the results that you want ie getting the role that you wanted or whatever, but I think at this point it's a fair trade off. Because the more you do what scares you the most, the less scared you'll feel about it over time. And that's when you're growing, and your auditions will become better and better. Bravo!