Sunday, March 26, 2006

God is a Butcher (caution: blind rage below)

I began my day this morning by reading the NYT's article about sectarian revenge killings in Baghdad. I've been avoiding the article for days and read it with a sense of obligation. I wish I hadn't.

The U.S. made a terrible mistake by starting this war--which I supported, at first, to my shame--and now the Iraqis themselves are perpetuating a nauseating, brutal, inhuman civil war, in which your ethnic or sectarian affiliation will get you pulled out of your home and dragged somewhere to be beaten, have your fingers and toes cut off, holes drilled into your face, acid splashed on your skin, and finally, shot. Do not tell me that the world is any more civilized than it was sixty years ago when Mengele experimented on the Jews--only one horror among millennia of horror--or that we must simply love our enemies, when the time comes to acknowledge our enemies.

The Arab world, right now, looks medieval, and there's no one to blame for it but the Arab totalitarian regimes themselves (you can NOT blame the Jews, Israel, or the United States. Rachel Corrie was a God-damned fool, as is so much of the American and European Left, who disgust me more than the Right because I am a liberal, and see these fools as being on my side, most of the time.) If given half a chance, Europe turns medieval, too--e.g., the former Yugoslavia--and Africa, pre-medieval--e.g., Darfur and Rwaanda and Uganda under Amin--and in the U.S..... are we so inoculated from a similar descent into hell? If the Christian Right were actually able to force on the rest of us it's agenda of making this a thoroughly "Christian" nation, within a generation we would be at each other's throats just as are the Shiia and Sunnis.... All of a sudden, the movie "V for Vendetta" seems a bit less adolescent, to me.

And I worry about my own little spiritual progress in this world! I have seen and been subject to plenty of domestic violence and a certain degree of sadism, but not to murder, physical torture, and unremitting fear for the lives of everyone I love.

And all in the name of God.

If we manage to destroy this planet by pollution, over-population, and whatever other stupidies we can manage, we will deserve our fate. To hell with us, my friends. To hell with us.



Cindy said...

"To hell with us."

Short trip.

Anonymous said...

That was COOL, dude!!!! Okay, I didn't understand some of it (you're just smarter than me, damn you) and I didn't agree with some of it (what?? it is TOTALLY the US's fault), but I LIKED it.

Waiter, could I get some more blind rage, please? Thank you.


David said...

Jason -- no worries, this post is as incoherent as it is angry. You ain't stupid. I isn't any smarter than you.

Signore Direttore said...

In war, truth is the first casualty.
- Aeschylus