Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mea Culpa

A reader commenting on my previous post on Joanna Droubay, with my aside about the quality of Portland actors, is on the mark in taking me to task for gratuitous, and undoubtedly unfair, criticism. In all honesty, my harsh words come more out of frustration with my own struggle to be a better actor. I will try, from here on out, not to displace my frustrations onto other local theater people, who are obviously committed to their art. I regret my snarkiness--not all of it--but the most toxic, at least.

I appreciate the reader's measured words, too, as well as for reading me on a regular basis and calling me "Mr. Millstone," which makes me feel downright dignified. Thanks for that.

Best Regards to this measured critic,



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Signore Direttore said...

Dear David,

I do not accept your apologies. I do not expect you to be polite in your web log. I do expect you to express your opinions, however snarky.
I have nothing to say about J Doubray for I don't read her writing much, as I think the WW is a worthless propaganda rag preoccupied with propping up the flimsy and tearing down the minor.
However, the pool of actors in Portlandis indeed poor and not anywhere near the standards of NY, SF or LA. It is not merely proportional - the most average off-Off- Broadway production would be the toast of Stumptown.
Please don't let your development of recognizing fine acting be corrupted by the handslap of a measured and anonymous critic.
Your comments may not have been polite but they were entirely appropriate.
Please continue to express yourself freely, dear David and let's let Mr. Millstone rest in peace.

Neal A. Corl