Wednesday, April 05, 2006


IN THE MATTER OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER, at Northwest Classical Theater Co., has been playing to appreciative, but small audiences. Both the Oregonian and Willamette Week showed up last weekend, so we'd hoped for good reviews--no scratch that, any reviews--but this week's WW didn't run one and, so far, neither has the O, though it probably will on Thursday or Friday (The Mercury doesn't even list the show.)

The WW's unreliability is infuriating.

This is a solid show. We hear from audiences that the acting is consistantly good across the board (I would point to a couple of soft spots, but that's me) and that the three hours go by quickly. They like identifying with Oppenheimer's uphill struggle against the villanious prosecutors in a kangaroo court, enjoy the quick-sketch character turns of the "witnesses" called, and take pleasure in mining the similarities of the McCarthyite 1950s to the Bushite 2000s.

On the strength of word-of-mouth, we did sell out the house for a couple of shows last weekend, but I've always found word-of-mouth to be an inconsistant provider.

THIS WEEKEND will be full for me, with performances of OPPENHEIMER Thurs.-Sun., the screening of THE TROUBLE WITH ANNE at Longbough, on Saturday, and reading for Portland Actor Ensemble's MACBETH on Saturday. For MACBETH, I was asked to come in specifically to read with at least one actress who can't make Monday's callback, so that's a good sign, and I'm allowing myself to at least WANT the role I really WANT. I mean, REALLY want, truly, madly, deeply. It would be a lot to bite off, but as much as it would stretch me, I do know that I'd bring focused intelligence, physical presence and good, clean, projective vocal power to it, good for a park show.

Later today, I'm supposed to have a drink with a date. Sigh. On the phone, I found her to be a bit much for me. She's in sales and was way, way to slick on the phone. Fortunately, I also have to go to the dentist in the early afternoon to have a cavity filled, so a benumbed mouth may give me the excuse I need to skip this one.

What I really need to do is go back to PCS for rush tickets to CROWNS to hit on the tall, dark haired sylph who turned my head (and who's head was turned by me) last week, when I went to CELEBRITY ROW. Hmn. Time to try the old fashioned way, maybe?


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