Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Thing Itself - Take II

Working along with my rehearsal tape of the session with Theresa Koon, which I talk about in the post below, I heard again the exact words she used and helped so much:

"See whether you can use the material of your experience singing it--like, 'I'm sharp! I'm flat! I don't know who I am! I can't keep my breath! I'm slouching!'--and have the words be about that."

Somehow this direction drew my attention to the text itself; i.e., I found myself 're-thinking' each word in the lyrics as I sang it as I concentrated on my EXPERIENCE of singing it. When Theresa asked me to describe this, I said:

"I felt like [following the direction] was putting me consciously more on the part of me that's not conscious," or, "putting me intentionally more on the part of me that's not conscious."

Something like that.


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Anonymous said...

This is akin to something Mamet writes about in "True and False", and one of the most valuable things I've learned in recent years: the problems we encounter in rehearsal are actually the problems of the character in the scene. Work out those problems using the words on the page as opposed to hashing them out with your colleagues off stage.