Monday, May 08, 2006


Some inevitable quibbling aside, I thoroughly enjoyed ART's production of ASSASSINS. I'd read complaints about the sound levels--especially of voices getting lost in an overly loud orchestra--but this seems to have been fixed. It did seem that not all the actors' mikes were working, but the space isn't so huge as to make that an insurmountable problem. Over on Followspot, there has been a lot of kevetching from readers about the this show in the ART space, but I think that's mostly people wanting to have something to post about. The space is fine.

The strongest voice in the show seemed to be Kurt Mouser; though I'm no expert, he filled the room most consistently.

I was just envious that I couldn't play Sam Bycke, myself. One day.... And the Scottish Thane, too....

Speaking of which. Tonight, we read through MacB, and none too soon--I seem to get antsy when not in performance or rehearsal.

Update: A strength of John Kretzu's direction is the clarity of the story-telling in this production. Readers of Followspot have complained about the blocking, but that neither impressed nor bothered me. However, I was impressed by how well Kretzu articulates the give-and-take between characters in the songs, through which the action does move foreword. I always knew what the beat was and what was at stake in it, which I lose easily in musicals.


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