Friday, May 05, 2006

Drunk on Sun

For the last three days I have been punch drunk with sunshine, still walking around on sea legs, my head as much underwater as above, one moment, sunlight blasting off the white decks of the dive boat, into my eyes, the next. In singing and acting classes yesterday, I felt caught between realities, as if scuba diving were another dimension of reality in which my body has been half-stuck, and singing/acting were some old-memory world--an alternate reality--in which I were not quite at home.

Theresa was funny about it, seeing that my experience in Cozumel and New Orleans had cast this spell--though, also, that by having been around family for a couple of days, the new self that has been emerging in me lately got shaken around and old habits stirred up; that, and my tongue went numb, after I hadn't sung for more than a week (in acting class, I just went with my goofy mood, and actually had a pretty good time.)

....Sorry for the wacko syntax. I'm still too goofy to wring these sentences out.

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