Thursday, May 04, 2006

Freedom to Behave

We met last night to talk some about our upcoming film acting retreat in a couple of weekends. Neal, Jordan, Dave, Heath, Rose, Tara, Joey and myself are spending three days in a lux condo on Mt. Hood to experiment, play, and learn more about making film. Six of us are actors, including Neal, who is performing as well as directing. Two are camera men (there is one more tech guy who will come up for a few hours, I forget his name.) Over the course of the weekend, the camera men--Jordan and Dave--will train cameras on us nearly all the time, whether we are 'acting' at that moment, or not. Neal is writing a scenario with characters who share the same names as the actors, so the idea is that we will be floating in and out of consciously performing, from one moment to the next, slipping out of utterly natural behavior into... well, more utterly natural behavior, except with acting goals and given circumstances in mind. At least, that's the idea. And a terrific one, at that.

So far, Neal has given me some back story and given circumstances to chew on. It's up to me to 'own' them. Since Neal has devilishly used as much of the actors' own personal backgrounds as possible to build up a fictional story and given circumstances, this should not be a Herculean feat, but we'll see. One thing I hope to get out of the weekend: a deeper sense of freedom to behave on camera.

"Freedom to behave." That says it all.


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