Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'd Rather Be Diving!

My scuba diving vacation and visit with family in New Orleans was one of the best trips I've made in a long time. Being in the water again felt great, and as regular readers of this blog know by now, I am nearly always rejuvenated and re-centered by intense physical experiences such as this. Even though I'm not a great athlete and have no frigg'n rhythm at all, I love working my body, meeting the world through touch and motion, and slipping out of one realm into another, in this case, from air to water.

I also met a number of different sorts of people on this trip. One of the advantages of traveling alone is that others adopt you; if you're part of a couple or group, you tend to mingle less with others. So, I spent time with a blue collar family from New England, a couple with prep school backgrounds and elite careers in academe and finance, two lesbian couples with extensive--and fascinating--military backgrounds, and a giant tour group of all gay men, a few of whom would have loved me to be gay, and one of whom who did hit on me, much more to his embarrassment than mine. All in all, all these people provided me with a rich palette of characters from which to paint, as I work on my short story/screenplay (I think I'm doing the same story in each of these forms.)

Today, I wish I were still out there, diving and socializing.... And I tell you this, if acting doesn't work out, I may well end up moving to the subtropics again (at least part time), where I did live for a few years, off and on (i.e., Great Exuma, in the Bahamas, Key West and Key Largo, Savannah, and on a 32 foot sloop in the Bahamas for one remarkable eight month period, back in the day.)

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