Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh, My Shrinking Wattle, Part VII

I'm weighing in at 195 lb.s, finally, after months of being stuck at about 202.

That's it. I'm done. Maybe I'll shave a couple of pounds to assure that I stay on the same belt loop, but from here on out, I concentrate on getting stronger, not thinner. I'm seeing a personal trainer once every two weeks, which helps. According to his calipers, I'm at 24% body fat, having started at 28% body fat, when I began to see him ten jiggly pounds ago. If I get below 20%, I'm happy. He'd like to see me marathon-thin at 13% body fat. Bah, no way. I don't even want that. I like cake and ice cream and beer and doughnuts and filet mignon way to much to give them up completely.

So. That makes 62 lbs. I've lost. When I look in the mirror, now, I see me, the guy who'd been hiding under all that soft, protective blubber.



Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

Thumbs up, David! That's great news!

Follow Spot said...

I have to say, David, that I almost didn't recognize you last night! Congratulations.