Saturday, May 27, 2006


• Jeremy has quieted his actors in the rehearsal room and markedly improved the working atmosphere, at least for me. Without being overly priggish about it, I do prefer focusing on work to chattering, for the most part. In the last rehearsal, I also began to loosen up. I felt 'on my voice,' and more easily got my mouth around the language. I'm still trying to 'do it right,' but not doing so will be a life-long challenge.

• I heard Willie Nelson talking with Terry Gross on NPR a couple of days ago. His parents and grandparents were all singers. Not only that, they were voice teachers. So, young Willie not only learned to sing from a young age, he learned to do it correctly, with technique, and so he's still singing into his seventies. He's an example of craft and natural talent coming together. Craft and talent. We can't slight the development and nurturance of either, can we?

• I'm auditioning for "The Rainmaker" next week. It'd be a fun show to do. Interestingly, I'm not overly anxious to do a stage show. I welcome it, but.... I'm beginning to feel dissatisfaction with the community theater level at which I'm working. Unfortunately, I'm not solid enough as an actor to be working at a more professional level, but I want to work in a more focused environment. I'm hungering for more. Of course, the only way to deal with this hunger is to get as much as I can from the experience I'm having now, rather than dreaming about richer meals. Fortunately, my experience now is full of good people, with whom I do enjoy working.

• is going to kill me. Gawd. It's such an over-determined way to meet people, but, hell, how else am I going to do it? I'd love to fall in love by locking eyes across a crowded room with the woman perfect for me--would love to--but, man, I've seen too many movies.

• "Oh, My Shrinking Wattle" report: I'm down to a 36" waist and headed to 34," most probably. That's down from a 48" at my chubbiest. I haven't had a 36" waist since the age of 30.... "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...."

• I'm going to hear Les McCann and Mel Brown at The Blue Monk, tonight, if anyone wants to go. Shows are at 9 pm and 11 pm. Earlier, I'm seeing "Hamlet," at The Shoebox Theater. It's a stripped down, hour and a half version, done at Fred Walton's usual zippy, thriller pace. The grave digger scene should be good.

Anon, anon.


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