Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To Be Bold Or Not To Be Bold

Taking a quick once-over of the sides for "The Rainmaker," I had no trouble getting a handle on the two characters for whom I was asked to read. Getting on my feet, though, they went flat on me. I came in with a dull, non-inflected reading. For one of the sides, that kind of worked, as the character was laconic and wry. For the other, it didn't. He keeped reading as angry, which is not what I wanted from him. In all fairness, this was a cold cold... cold read, but still.

One mistake I may have made was erring on the side of 'just being myself,' rather than of making 'bold choices.' Funny, though. "Bold Choices" in auditions often irritate me in others. That's due to the film work I've done recently, I think. The camera gets close, locks into your eyes, and records your secret thoughts (in the audition room, the auditors are a 'long shot' away, and need you to use semaphor to say 'hello.')

Also, I'm over-relying on my scene partners, in audition. I have a habit of just 'responding'--to trying to find my performance in the other guy's--and if they're coming with something weird, stilted, or wrong, I'm screwed, thanks.

Once again, I need just to 'let it rip,' as I too often don't. I also need to audition more often. Acting class IS teaching me how to 'be myself' both on camera and on stage, but it doesn't help with audition technique. I'm rusty.



Signore Direttore said...

Please remember that what you are learning in class is what you are ready to learn, it isn't all that acting class has to offer.
Acting class will teach you how to audition better in time. You are learning to be yourself, a necessary step toward learning to bring yourself up to the roles you would like to play.
Actors that get good at auditioning at the expense of their craft usually pay in the long run.

David said...

Point very well taken!