Thursday, June 01, 2006


Following up to the post below: a lot of what I'm feeling is my complicated reaction to life becoming TOO good. Last year, as I began to lose weight, I felt vulnerable and panicky as my belt cinched in, a notch at a time, by several inches, when all was done. I felt exposed. I'm feeling something like that now. I'm healthier, less neurotic, and happier than ever. My creative and work lives are continuing to take shape after the point at which I usually sabotage myself (though, it's never too late for that!) My love life even has some momentum....

So, when's the other shoe going to drop?

Breathe, David. Just breathe....


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Ross said...

Again, David, I swear you're my long-lost cousin or something. I can totally relate to the feeling of lost protection that weight loss can create. And then there's the tendency to sabotage the good stuff and the feeling that footwear's gonna drop sooner or later (probably sooner). It's the story of my life!

Glad to hear good things about your love life. Mine sucks, but it's probably mostly my own doing (or not doing, as is my habit). Again, it's the sabotage thing -- or pre-sabotage, if you will.