Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Neal's advice to me is good, as always. He says:

"Regarding the comment on not having the instinct to be funny:
please be careful with that. you are in a process of learning to be where
you are and trusting your instincts.
it is only an early step in your development as an actor.
while that may seem discouraging, you have only recently come to the place
where you are ready to begin the real work of becoming an actor.
you've been in pre-med up to now.
med school is just beginning.
sometimes i hear you speak and it sounds as if you're assigning yourself
to residency, to continue the md analogy.
perhaps letting go of understanding the process and enjoying the work
would be a more appropriate and enjoyable task. particularly when it
comes to results like auditions."

This calms me some; also helpful would be to remember one of the lessons from S&C: an actor does well to practice emotional as well as physical endurance, off stage as well as on.

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