Thursday, June 01, 2006

The High And Narrow Path

I'm feeling careerist itchings. I have a part in a film next year. It will be the lead or a small supporting part (depending both on the scope of production and how well my skills have developed by then), both of which are good, career-wise and artistic-growth wise. I need to keep my attention on my artistic growth and avoid the temptation of gripping to career aspirations.

I sense that the prospect of HAVING a career is more real, now, and I could always blow it by trying to grab it, as I have in the past. Patience. Patience and calm. Patience and calm and work. Patience and calm and work and good faith.

Life is a narrow path on a high bridge. You can't look down.


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Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

I recall an interview with Alec Baldwin (I believe it was during the first season of Inside the Actors Studio, when they still interviewed great actors) wherein he said "Careerism kills good art." Truer words were never spoken. Focus on the work... the career will come or it won't, but you'll always be satisfied with the work you do if that's your focus.