Wednesday, June 21, 2006

let's talk about writing

My friend Suzy Vitello--one of fewer than a half-dozen people I would struggle to live without--has begun a new blog, let's talk about writing. Anyone interested in intelligent discussion of writing craft and learning about the work of contemporary writers will want to follow it. Suzy also gives frequent public readings in Portland of her own work, so you'll want to check those out, too.

Suzy's been published a lot and well, recently including a piece in "The Mississippi Review," so you know what I'm say'n when I'm say'n I'm proud of her. The sad thing is that, when we first met, she and I both thought that I was the better writer! Well, color me yellow and call me a banana growing brown spots at the bottom of the bowl; turns out, SHE was the real thing.

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