Monday, June 12, 2006

Macbeth: Opening Friday

Macbeth is coming together just in time for opening. The space is getting more interesting, now that we're running the show, and can see how the staging of each scene supports other scenes. Actors are stepping up their performances; as Michael said, "light bulbs are going on" over actors' heads. Projection and volume are issues, mostly because the acoustics of the space are weird, e.g., scenes on the top of two small hills--above the audience's heads--can be heard clearly, whereas as scenes on the proscenium right at the audience's feet get lost.

As I watch other performers step up to the plate I am freaking out a little as I fear that I'll be the weak link; I bet YOU never felt that, right? One note I got last night: I'm not significantly differentiating Banquo and Seward. I need to find 'character' stuff for Seward--a limp, a vocal quality, a posture--and I'm not practiced at that. It doesn't come naturally. That's today's homework.



Trevor said...

Break a leg!

Trevor said...

Oh, and by the way, of course we all feel like the weak link at one time or another. Chances are that, if you're self aware enough to be thinking that, you're not it. ;-)

Have a blast!