Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seward ≠ Banquo

Seward has a limp, speaks slowly, and in a deeper baritone than Banquo. That seems to be working.

In voice with Theresa, I discovered how to 'lift' my soft palate for the first time, really. I'd been aiming at the wrong place, before, at the uvula rather than at the 'sphincter' of muscle that feels like a band around the upper back of my throat (forget anatomical accuracy; I'm just describing my subjective understanding of it.) I was also able to feel the 'root' of my tongue, just above my larynx, better than I've been able to before. I was able to get it out of the way.

At least, in the rehearsal room; on stage, I found myself slurring my sibilants terribly, and wasn't able to find a means to 'lift' my soft palate until more than half way through rehearsal. In my sessions with Theresa this week, we're laying off the music and focusing on this stuff. I'll learn to speak clearly if it kills me.

I'm beginning to have more fun with Banquo. The rest of the cast is leaning into their parts, as well. I'm beginning to feel good about recommending it to my friends!

Come one! Come all!


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David Loftus said...

I was busy with something else when the announcement was made, so I didn't get to tell you (and this is of course an opportunity to announce it to your readers):

Congrats, David, on getting a director's note after last night's final rehearsal on being TOO LOUD in the huge, outdoor space within which nearly all of us have struggled to project!