Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Plans

Driving into downtown last night to meet a date, I figured out how I'm spending my summer, while I don't have any stage work on the horizon. I'm doing two things: 1) write the series of monologues that Neal suggested (a great f#@k'n idea, since it's the perfect focus for my interests and best uses my strengths and 2) write the business plan for PENDLETON. This means clearing the mental decks. I'll do other stuff as it comes up--e.g., I did submit myself to an agent (maybe a good idea; maybe not) and I'll do whatever work comes through that, without pushing for it--but I'm organizing myself around these WRITING projects. This means going into a mode of activity I've not let myself experience in quite a while. Man, what a relief, to let myself go there!

A few days on the coast, some time in the mountains, a trip to Ashland, time in Vermont with my brother, all with notebooks and reading in hand. Wonderful.

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