Sunday, July 02, 2006

Give Me More Shakespeare!

I had a good weekend as Banquo and Old Siward. Taking the cue from how much FUN Christie has as Lady Macbeth, I've quite consciously been doing everything I can to have a blast. This means a little hamming here, a little luxuriating in vowels there, and always, taking my soliloquies as much to the audience as possible. I'm consciously staying loose of limb and letting myself move (especially as Banquo), not in any way that would read as nerves, or wandering, or would steal focus, but that keeps me alive, fluid. I get tired of feeling stiff. I'm told that I look "huge," and I don't think they mean "fat." On stage it's fun to take up space.

I love this stuff.

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jason said...

Your physical work as Banquo is totally cool, keep it up. Yes, he's loose, natural, interesting, casual and confident. You are a big guy and it's that much more important for you to really connect physically - when you move, we can see it.

PS - nice work on the wattle. thinnest i've ever seen you.