Saturday, July 08, 2006

An Off Night Under A Full Moon

Not a good performance last night, off my voice--hoarse--and disconnected. I 'made up' for disconnection by backing up into a 'yelling' stance a couple of times--yuch. Bad back up position. Better would be to let the air out a bit--bring it closer to myself rather than further--when feeling disconnected. This is a lesson I learned doing THE FRONT PAGE last summer. Neal reminded me of it today--thanks, my friend.

Also, I just didn't have enough FUN last night! That's the biggest crime in a show like this! The park is lovely, the temperature perfect, and a nearly full moon is hanging in the trees. It's an idyll.

Ah, well. Lah-di-dah. Tonight's another night! I'm done beating myself up for a while--at least for the summer!

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