Friday, July 07, 2006

Shakespeare In the Air

• I'm going to be in Ashland From Wed., July 26th, through Sat., July 29th, to see as many plays as I can. King John. A Winter's Tale. Two Gentlemen of Verona. The Merry Wives of Windsor. Cyrano de Bergerac. If you're going to be down there too (and maybe want a ride) let me know. I'd love to grab a beer with you.

• In August, I'm going down to Shakespeare & Company in Lennox, MA, for a day, during my annual visit to Vermont to see my brother and sister-in-law. Tina Packer is playing Gertrude. Holy mackeral, believe me when I tell you, she's GOOD. Jesus. I'm interested to see if I like Shakespeare & Company's philosophy as it's put to practice in their own work. I anticipate the show to have a 'warm,' emotive style, very different than say, something directed by Connor Kearns. Pedagogically, S&C is great. How are they in performance?

• In a few weeks, I'm going to work a little with Jan Powell on text analysis and, perhaps, look at a few soliloquies. Jan's doing her dissertation on how to train actors to do Shakespeare, so this is going to be a blast.

• I'm have a lot of friends coming to tonight's PAE performance of MACBETH. Fun! Two or three of them will be women I've met on Interesting! Each weekend of MACBETH has been WAY better than the previous weekend, for me. The one thing that I seem to do best, on stage, is learn from my experience.

Anon, anon.


paulmonster said...

I can vouch for this, David; every successive performance of Banquo I've seen you do has been consistently and impressively building on the previous night's gains. Break lots of things tonight, worthy Montano. Go get some,


zach said...

let me know about your time in VT...

David said...

Zach -

I'm in Vermont, between Aug. 16th and 24th, with a two day excursion to Lennox on the 18th and 19th. Will you be up there?