Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shifting My Focus

On this blog, I have experimented with writing a 'private' process journal and 'public' opinion column in the same form, like an extended personal essay, moving from the personal to the universal and back again, but in a less predetermined way than a simple essay. As part of the experiment, I've invited readers to take part in both a give-and-take of opinion about public matters and conversation about process issues. This has worked moderately well. Readers have shown interest in my self-investigations as a person and artist who has both been learning his craft and overcoming personal obstacles to do so. And, ocassionally, readers have shared their own experiences, traded notes on craft issues, and challenged me on my more obstinant or prickly commentaries on the state of Portland theater, including my criticisms of particular shows. The time has come, however, for me to recast the experiment, and retreat to more traditional forms. I'm not quitting this blog--far from it--but I am retuning it. From here on, I am reserving my more personal investigations for a private forum, from which will eventually derive material for a long essay--or a series of short essays--which will better serve the complexity and subtly of the themes I have been discovering. I may allude to these investigations on this blog, but I won't go into the same kind of detail as I have, til now. On this blog, I am shifting to a more 'public' voice, one that's a touch more reserved, more politically sensitive, more careful to spur clear conversation about issues of widely shared concern while avoiding counter-productive misunderstandings.

If there are themes or topics that have been of particular interest to you on this blog, so far, please let me know, so that we may keep those conversations going, and keep them lively.

With Fondness,


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