Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Falling Upward"

Asked what the title of his new books means, Lee Seigel said,

"Falling upwards is a physical impossibility, and anyone who works with the imagination is in the impossibility business. The other meaning is that what our dominant culture considers falling or failure is, in the realm of art making, often a triumph of character or spirit. For example, there is such a madness to become famous. Obscurity is the new poverty. People don’t seem able to bear being unknown. But obscurity and struggle are the artists’ Harvard and Yale."

-- Lee Seigel, in a NYT Magazine interview on Sunday, Sept 17th, 2006

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Cindy said...

Good post. I'm intrigued with the discussion of obscurity, especially since what I've craved all my life is exactly that. Well, craved, and not craved, obviously, since I publish and blog.

What drives humans to so often want two mutually exclusive things at the same time?