Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Portland Center Stage's Green House School

Have you seen the press release for PCS's Greenhouse School? It looks promising. Actor/theater artist education is a huge black hole in Portland that no individual or institution has been able to fill, and PCS seems to be trolling for experienced teachers from both in and out of Portland. I think that PCS' Greenhouse School could be a hit and raise the bar for local performance.

Also: take a look at the Casting Policy page under the "About Us" links. PCS states its casting policy clearly and with sensitivity to the aspirations of local actors. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Do you feel that way as a rule?

David said...

Do I feel what way? That PCS shows sensitivity to local actors? Truly, I don't know. I feel as if I've heard complaints about them before, or rather, I've heard frustration expressed about not being able to get cast in their shows. I, for one, feel less frustration about auditioning for them, now that I know more about whom they're looking for. Does that answer the question?

Sokrates said...

From the PCS Casting Policy page:

Portland Center Stage is a LORT B Theater and hires actors who are members of Actors' Equity Association. Occasionally local non-union actors are hired in large cast shows in supporting roles or as extras.

Sounds like it could be a good opportunity if you're Equity. I know some non-union actors in Portland who were taken on as spear-carriers (i.e., non-speaking soldiers) for a production of "King Lear" at PCS. If memory serves, they were given some comp tickets albeit no stipend for their efforts.

This more or less reflects the film situation in Portland, I'd say. Non-union locals are offered low- or non-paying extra work, whereas the big guns are brought in from out of town.

Not terribly encouraging, in my view. But as you noted, it's good that PCS is being upfront about its casting policy.