Saturday, October 21, 2006


I enjoyed MR. MARMALADE, at ART, well enough, and I always like feeling 'safe' in the hands of such competent--more than competent--actors. But, I did feel let down as the drama didn't grow more unpredictable as it developed. It felt like a one-joke play--even it was a good joke.

What could have fixed this? Possibly, a more surprising, more grounded connection between the five-year-old's fantasy world and 'real life.' As is, that connection is assumed more than it's dramatized. The danger to these kids would have felt more real if the threat were a little more concrete (I did love that these kids could see each others 'imaginary' friends! That is SO right!)

This is a gut reaction. As a survivor of child abuse myself, I almost, but didn't quite, find my experience reflected here, as I would have liked. The compressed, claustrophobic, cave-dark world of domestic violence always needs to have light thrown into it.

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