Sunday, October 01, 2006

Overheard at Baccus

Karen and I went dancing at Baccus last night. On returning from the loo, Karen reported the following conversation:

woman #1: how long have you been dating him?
woman #2: a little while.
woman #1: he's cute.
woman #2: Yes, but he's a premature ejaculator.
woman #3: Oh, I have one of those at home, too.
woman #1: Well, there no good after 35, anyway.
woman #4: (emerging from stall): Mine lasts five minutes. But who has more time than that? I have laundry to do.


David Loftus said...

I hope they were all at least partly kidding around, guy style. The alternative is just too depressing -- for so many reasons. (Great dialogue to build a scene -- or an entire play -- around, though!)

Ereek said...

Oh man! And here my wife told me she was at a movie ... damn...

Ross (He's Back) said...

Well, they're no good after 35, anyway.

So it looks like I have three years left to make up for all that fun I didn't have in my 20s.

Cindy said...


Actually, I'm thinking 35 is about when real expertise begins... If things are handled right.

So to speak.

David Loftus said...

> Actually, I'm thinking 35 is about when real expertise begins

Quite so. That's certainly the case with many women, and I would think it would be even more so for men, who are coming at the problem (so to speak) from a different direction.

Cindy said...

Actually, it was men I had in mind with the expertise comment. I'll take your word for it (with a genial nod in your direction) regarding my own gender.

Ross (32 and rarin' to go) said...

Oy -- I didn't realize an offhand post would excite the passions so! I was just lamenting how I'd let my 20s come and go without as much, ahem, excitement as one might like. But it sounds like there's no time like the present.