Saturday, October 14, 2006


I just watched the documentary, SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS. If I ever teach again, I think I'll be one of those who brings Shakespeare to at-risk youth or prison inmates or every-day tormented high schoolers, all of whom live at a pitch of emotion that so many of us--that I--tamp down, as reasonably well-behaved adults.

Shakespeare is neither delicate nor anodyne, nor are we, at our most honest, in the pitch of our most heated, private battles.


Kris said...

I DESPERATELY want to see that documentary but nobody here seems to carry it... I'm probably just going to have to order the DVD.

paulmonster said...

This American Life frequently broadcasts a serial (sic) production of Hamlet that a state penitentiary keeps doing, one act at a time. Ira Glass interviews five different Hamlets, as well as the remarkable cast of supporting actors... It's worth finding on their website.