Tuesday, October 24, 2006

TWELFTH NIGHT @ Slocum House Theater

I just got a wonderful gig, playing Orsino in the Slocum House Theater's December production of TWELFTH NIGHT, directed by Doreen Lundberg, with a gaggle of teen-age girls and a couple of middle-aged male stalwarts in principle parts. This is straight-up community theater, unpretentious, educational, straightforward, and BOAT LOADS of fun. It's a chanuka present to me; a reward for the last two years of hard growth!

What a great string of roles, all pearls: Banquo, Caliban, Orsino!


suzy said...

You go, boy!

jason said...

Looks like you got it figured out, bro. Keep it up!!

Karen said...

Congratulations David - I'm very happy for you!