Friday, December 15, 2006


I've just been cast as Mr. Klemper in Public Playhouse's upcoming production of THE BOYS NEXT DOOR, directed by Jolin Milberg. It's a great role as a physically and emotionally abusive father, not unlike the kind of man my own father was, during the most crucial years of my own childhood. Playing him will be a special challenge.

Jolin asked me to read for this part on the strength of my last PATA audition, which turns out to have been very productive, despite my disappointment with it, at the time. It garnered me at least 6 callbacks, maybe more, if I could only remember. The moral: do PATA.

Public Playhouse is a new, ambitious, and highly professional theater company in Vancouver, Washington. This is its first full season. My first impression of the Milbergs is that they are dedicated to making theater that will meet the expectations of the area's most experienced play-goers. I think they are going to deserve the attention--and twenty minute drive required--of Portland theater people.


Harold Phillips said...

Hey congrats, David! Boys Next Door is a wonderful play, and that scene with Mr. Klemper is rich, with a lot of opportunities. Big score there!

Cindy said...

I admire your courage and spirit in taking on this role (and, of course, have every confidence that you will serve it well).

Jayson said...

Congratulations David! I think you'll enjoy working opposite Bob. Jolin and Dustin are a pleasure to work for...I look forward to seeing this production.