Saturday, January 27, 2007

ASF Debriefing

All in all, I am happy with my preliminary audition with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Ray Chambers worked in a no-nonsense, 'let's just do it,' way with my Orsino. I found it challenging to take adjustments, as they were subtler than I had anticipated--more oriented to a real exploration of making the verse work than to simply seeing if I could 'take direction'--but I did respond, if not in as relaxed or playful a spirit as I would have if they'd been more arbitrary (e.g., "do Orsino like a 5-year-old," makes it easy to feel playful.)

A positive sign during my audition (from the point of view of wanting to get an offer from ASF) came after Greta Lambert gave me the adjustment to "just do it as David, forget everything else." After I did that, Greta asked what had changed for me after taking her note. "What happened in your process?" she asked. I took that as a suggestion that she saw me find some truth.

But, what I liked most about this audition was that it felt like a fun, productive rehearsal. Ray gave me some excellent coaching and I had an enjoyable, informative conversation with two smart theater people at the top of their game. If all my auditions go like this and I don't get a single offer they will have been worth my while. And they will have improved my own game.

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SamA said...

Sounds like an excellent experience. Good work and be well,