Monday, January 08, 2007


I haven't been much interested in writing about myself--or much about anyone else, actually--during the last few weeks. Perhaps, real life has become interesting enough for me to let go of the running commentary that I've conducted over the last couple of years to make life seem a bit sexier.... That, and I'm just not as philosophically inclined to parse each action, these days. I do hope that once my MFA auditions are past I'll find more energy for more creative writing, especially for "Hollowlands," my working title for a series of dramatic monologues on which I've been taking haphazard notes over the last several months. At present, though, I'm focused on those auditions, for which I seem to be as prepared as I'm going to get. Jan Powell was enormously--enormously--helpful as my monologue and audition coach and brought me as far along as anyone could, at this point.

More, anon... in the not too distant future.

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suzy said...

I never got that the impetus for your blog entries was to make life seem sexier, more as a way to ground your experiences in voice. Now, I think, is when the sexiness will rise from this medium, as your grounding propels you to perch, fly and, quite frankly, soar. Onward, onward, D!