Sunday, February 11, 2007

Plan A Is Still Good

My first offer from an MFA is in the offing. It's not formal, yet, probably because there's quite a mating dance around funding that we need to do. Also, I won't hear from other programs for another several days or even a week (mostly due to U/RTA ethical rules), I need to do more research, and the program chairman needs to communicate with all his first choices/top waiting list candidates (I assume). I'll name the program from which I accept an offer when it happens. What I do feel comfortable saying about the program now talking with me is that one of it's greatest strengths (for me) is its strong connections to the classical theater world.

This much now seems clear: I AM going to grad school. Hunh. I'll be damned. I was already working on Plan B.


Anonymous said...

Also auditioning for grad schools though U/RTA and privately. Can you post whom you've heard from? I'd like to start narrowing down possibilities and would really like to know if they're on my list...;o)

-A Stranger who would be glad to give you her E-mail address if you prefer

Anonymous said...


Also auditioning for grad schools.

Would love to know who made an offer, as I'd like to know if they're on my list.

I can post my e-mail if you prefer.

- A stranger names Beth

David said...

The one school from which I've heard is not an U/RTA school. U/RTA offers won't go out until after February 19th. Everyone stay calm. It's not easy, I know. I'm up and down myself, sometimes in the span of a few minutes.