Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Weekend Coming Up....

This coming weekend we shoot the big group scenes from DANGEROUS WRITING. There will be fourteen actors and at least eight crew plus tons of equipment--camera, tracks, lighting, sound--stuffed into my place all day Saturday and much of Sunday. These are big scenes we're doing, in uninterrupted ten minute takes, primarily in long and medium shots (no close ups that I know of, but temptation might strike Neal, who knows), with both scripted lines and improvisation (I've come to enjoy improv--at least in 'dramatic' scenes--to my own surprise.) I'm nervous, but no where near terrified, in the way I've been on so, so many jobs, either on stage or in front of the camera.

My last, great experience on-camera was on Neal's last feature film, MADE CROOKED, in fact. It was such an important experience for me that I haven't done any significant on camera work between then and now, having auditioned for only a couple of films in the last year. I chose instead to concentrate on stage work, scene study classes, and on getting into grad school. As I told Neal recently, I wasn't willing to be 'tight' or scared on camera, not after seeing what was possible, on MADE CROOKED, which set the bar. I didn't want to be any less free than that on any film.

I'm delighted that it happens to be on Neal's next feature film that I feel ready to be on camera. Not a coincidence.

I love acting. Love it.

Send us good vibes, my friends. Good vibes.

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