Thursday, May 31, 2007

DW: Day Seven and Hiatus

We wrapped Day 7 and now have a couple of weeks off as production pauses on DANGEROUS WRITING, which has 5 more shooting days, to be completed by the end of June (and we're going to have a wrap party for this one, people. If you've been part of this production, don't miss it!) I need to take this time to catch up on personal correspondence, pay bills, build the portfolio of 160+ monologues for UHouston, and make serious headway into my UH reading list (I've stalled some with Tennessee Williams, of whom I'm tiring.) I also have to dig up some info on Maui--where Karen and I are going for a week in July--which I really can't afford right now, but what the hell....

Also, heads' up: my friend of nearly 17 year years, the writer and public relationsh/advertising guru Suzy Vitello, is throwing me a going-away party on Saturday, July 21st. It's a pot luck affair. I hope many of you are there. Remember: I AM coming back to town! And I have a loooooong memory! So.... bring a couple of beers and your favorite dish!




Signore Direttore said...


Thanks for your excellent work and the use of your home for Dangerous Writing. It's sad to think we only have a couple of scenes left to shoot with Ezra. I'll miss the crazy bastard.
Count me in on your farewell fete. You'll be glad to say goodbye to me after we spend every spare moment of yours in July looping dialogue.

Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

Hey David

Great to hear that shooting is going so well... I can relate, though, to having to take a couple of personal days to get caught up on "real life" stuff. We only had one day off of Swiss Family Robinson, and those days were PACKED with bill paying, laundry, dishes, etc.

Re Maui - there are plenty of places to stay in Wailuku and Kihei - like, resort-type places. if you want real Maui flava, though, don't do it. Those places are like any other resort that caters to tourists; very "Disney."

If you want to feel the island time the right way, see about a short-term rental in Pukalani or Makawao, and rent a car or cycle. That'll put you in the middle of the island and around the locals... and you'll be free to drive the highway up the coast, visit Paia on the North shore, and enjoy more of the natural Maui than the Tourist-oriented Maui.

Trish and I went and visited some friends in Makawao earlier this year... I don't know if anything on the blog posts from back then can help, but you'll find them here and in the top portion of this post. Give 'em a look-see; you might find a couple of stops you want to make.