Monday, May 28, 2007

DW: Day Six

We shot moving shots of Ezra Rosen on the motorcycle near the waterfront, Ezra and his love interest on the motorcycle on Mt. Tabor, and several scenes of Ezra Rosen and others on Belmont street, where we spent six hours. Trust me. You had NO idea how much nuttiness goes on on Belmont street until you've been on it for six hours straight. And, it's amazing how long some guys can hang out next to the bicycle rack, talking about.... Christ, I don't know, but they kept talking about it in the shot.

It was a fun day. Got lots done. Saw the script take what was, for me, an unexpected turn, through developments that transpired in improv over the last couple of days. I got to act across from Aislinn again, which I always love, because she's THERE. And I got to act across from Neil, with whom I feel like I'm sharing some secret, when he's my scene partner. And I love that.

I only have two more scenes on camera left to do, now. Alas. But one of them is going to be a hoot: I get to do a public reading as Ezra Rosen, the famous author, at Ristretto's Coffee Shop, in June. I hope you all come.

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