Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heaven : Hell

So, this rabbi is giving the recently deceased man a tour of hell (which I didn't know we Jews had, by the way, at the very least it's not such a big deal) and the first thing they come to is a wonderful meal--a feast--spread out before them. The man says, "but this doesn't look so bad." The rabbi says, "wait, watch." Then many peope enter the room and surround the food, but because where their arms used to be there are now long wooden spoons, with the ends out of reach of their mouths, they can't eat.

Later, the rabbi and the man arrive in heaven, and again, the first thing they see is a wonderful meal. "Ah," says the man, "we can eat now." But, when people fill the room they, too, have long wooden spoons where they once had arms. "But, how is this different than hell?" asks the man. The rabbi says, "wait, watch." And then, everyone starts feeding each other.

-- Thanks to Susan, my pilates partner earlier today, and occassional Torah scholar

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