Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Out of Body Experience

I just came back from a brisk, three-hour walk in Forest Park, where I take walks of an hour or more at least a couple of times a week. I needed it. I discovered that after three intense days on the set of DANGEROUS WRITING I've been detached from my body. I first noticed it in my singing lesson on Tuesday. I couldn't get a clear tone or articulate consonants or find a pitch for quite a while, though it got better by the end of the session. Then, in pilates, earlier today, I found that my form had gone all to hell, my body out-of-alignment, and I was rushing, without even noticing I was doing so.

When I came back from auditioning for graduate schools in Chicago, this winter, I went through something similar. It took me three weeks to feel at home in my own skin, after I'd put myself out there, on the line, in audition after audition. For those three weeks, my singing voice was muddled, I had trouble staying with my exercise regime, my mind was foggy (I had trouble memorizing lines), and my posture went all to hell.... So, I'd say that departing my body for other climes is what I do, when my system is stressed (in either a good or bad way, it doesn't matter.)

On set, the one stress reaction that I need to head off is my tongue's insistance on bunching up into an unresponsive gummy slug, which ruins my diction. This requires that I do my vocal warm ups, no excuses.

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