Friday, June 29, 2007

It's A Wrap!

DANGEROUS WRITING wrapped this week after 12 days of shooting. It has been a tremendous and humbling experience. "There's no place to hide in this work," as my friend said a couple of days ago. We continue to learn and grow as craftsmen with all our accomplishments, shortcoming, failures, and raw humanity all made public.

Thank you to director, cast and crew! Neal A. Corl assembled a hardworking group of artists motivated by the desire to learn their craft and work with people who want the same. Neal Corl, Dennis Brenhaug and Jordan Karr-Morse, especially, put in massive hours and managed to avoid killing each other throughout the tangled, multiple processes of putting a film together. Efrem Peters, Matt Semchee, and Travis Huntington formed the core group of G&E guys who were on the set before the actors arrived and long after they left. Brian Yazzie got us sound--sound! lots and lots of sound!--under trying conditions. Aislinn Cartmill Arnett, Joey Boyd and Andrew Dickson did dedicated work and kept it fresh through hours of repeating performances take after take. Every actor and crew person on set brought the best of themselves and were open to the experience; open to what others brought to the experience.

As another friend said to me last night, at the wrap party, "What's remarkable is no one here is an asshole." To which I replied, perhaps flippantly, "Yeah, they wouldn't be tolerated." More important, though. This was not the kind of project that attracted assholes--"assholes," in my book, being backbiters and naysayers. This was a project that radiated good heart.

And at the center of it all was Neal A. Corl, an artist from whom you will see much, over the coming decades. I'm proud to work with him, and with the kind of people he brings together.

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Signore Direttore said...

Your praise is a bit overwhelming, but thank you. Having others believe in me is helping me become a better collaborator. And there's no way to become a better filmmaker without getting better at working with others.
It was a pleasure to partner with you on DW. Our work is far from done. That said; are you back from Hawaii yet!!!