Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wives : Art

I love acting like I loved my second wife. She was lively, imaginative, youthful, moody, selfish, and intelligent, and all in all a second miracle I didn't expect. But, I didn't discover the world through her. That I did with my first wife, whom I met in college, and married before my senior year.

I love writing like I love my first wife. She was lively, imaginative, an older soul than my second wife, moody, selfish, not-quite-so-social, and intelligent in a more insular, less verbal manner than my second wife. Both wives rode dark currents. There were blind crushing moments of mutual psychopathy with each of them. Both marriages left scars of promise failed by divorce--which is always awful, awful. But, at the beginning of my first marriage I felt innocent as I never would in my second marriage, in which I was elder than my mate by seven years, one full block ahead of her in the exploration of life, and that much more guarded than she.

Missing writing, I miss innocence, the freshness of first discovery. Sticking with acting, I hope to remain wed to second chances and unexpected miracles.

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Cindy said...

Very much like not just what you've said in this post but how it's been done.