Monday, July 30, 2007

Columbus, Texas

One hour outside of Houston in a newly built Holiday Inn Express. The room smells like shit or new (cheap) paint, I can't quite tell. I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express way back near Sacramento, it was great, and I thought, hot balls of fire, maybe the advertising for these places rightfully represents them for a change.... Nah, what was I think'n.

The drive from El Paso to Austin was beautiful. High desert, which turned increasingly green, finally evolving into rolling farmland and orchards. The air smelled sweet. Not too hot out, balmy, made me happy, but then I thought I'd take a look at Austin at the end of a long day and got irritated and then ended up driving two hours further than planned, so, I'm crabby. No one else here to suffer from it, though, so that's a plus. Generally, I try to arrange for my crabby-times to be out-of-view of others. I wonder how that's going to continue to pan out.

I ate a bag of miniature peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. That can't be helping.

Good night all.


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suzy said...

Nice travel log, dude. By now you're probably honing in on a place to hang that 10 gallon Texan hat. The PNW breeze is blowing just a bit up here, high pressure finally having arrived. Forest Park calls, but it just ain't the same....